Format 231-887-1955, (231) 887-1955, 2318871955, 231.887.1955 or company name


According to the submitted calls and comments, 1-231-887-1955 belongs to Allied Interstate Inc., a Debt Collection Agency.

Allied Interstate Inc.
3000 Corporate Exchange Drive
Columbus, OH 43231

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SweetPea on May 6, 2008

I got a number of calls from this number - and no one ever answered. I found on google - it was a cell number -Dobson Cellular Systems in Manistee MI - Map locator indicated it was in Traverse City MI between on Cypress St between Magill and 5th Streets. I found it was a cellular or wireless (digital phone service) NPI Wireless - A Division of Noverr Publishing INC. Lastly I got another call and I waited on the line for 3 minutes or so - evidently this phone is an auto dialer because someone finally answered me. She would not tell me what she wanted - asked to speak to someone I do not know over and over - I asked who she was and she finally told me Allied Interstate - I googled it and there are a over 300 hundred reports of fraudulent calls from this company try to collect debts people don't owe or using these calls to get you to give them personal info ---or if you google Allied Interstate you will find pages of similar websites - some stating what they are doing is illegal. DON'T GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!!!

homefreedom on May 19, 2008

I got a call from this number today and immediately it had music. So I waited and someone finally came on the phone and asked for my husband's name. (only the first name). I just then said my name and they hung up. I found that kinda odd. So I got on google and here I am

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231-887-1955 Phone Calls

Format 231-887-1955, (231) 887-1955, 2318871955, 231.887.1955 or company name
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